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Building For a Changing Climate

Whether you believe in global climate change or just "coincidence", the changing weather patterns in many parts of the world are undeniable. We are seeing longer droughts, heavier rains, stronger winds, and more temperature extremes. Though a pretty design with fancy finishes can make a house feel homey and fabulous, all the finishes won't help to keep your house comfy, safe and sound in a changing climate. Many communities have responded to local weather impacts over the years with tougher building codes (e.g., Florida after 1992's Hurricane Andrew, etc.), but it's ultimately the homeowner's responsibility to consider the following when building a custom home: Quality Construction and Wate

Beneath It All

Beneath all your beautiful furnishings in your new home is an often forgotten design element: flooring. Over the course of hundreds of years, architects, builders, and homeowners have chosen a variety of materials and finishes for home flooring. These choices are based in culture, tradition, locally available raw materials, preferences, fashion, climate and other geographical and environmental factors. With the world getting “smaller” via the exchange of cultures through mass media and improved international trade, the choices in flooring now seem endless around the world. However, to choose the best flooring for you, here are some considerations you may want to keep in mind. The options

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