Our Home-Build Concierge Services

Solutions for your Home-Build Challenge

There’s a lot to be done and keep track of when building a home. We can help you with as much or as little as you want. Our service offerings and pricing structures are designed to suit your specific needs and budgets.  Our goal is to take the stress out of your home building project, so we’re here to work with you as your agent to make your dream home a reality. We are your Home-Build Concierge. 


The Home-Build Concierge services we provide are organized in three phases and include:



  • We help you define your dream home—room by room, detail by detail.

  • We consult with you about property selection and siting. 

  • We research and present options for flooring, trim carpentry and mouldings, cabinetry, appliances and fixtures, landscaping, water treatment, solar panels, security systems, and much, much more.

  • We faithfully document your choices and their costs, to help you stay on budget. 

  • We assist with vendor and contractor selection, then work with your home-build team, ensuring that permit applications and other paperwork are properly handled.

  • We offer home staging referral services for properties built to sell.

  • We consult on special needs accommodations: elderly care, disabled household members, etc. 

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  • We track delivery and installation of all materials, appliances, and fixtures needed for your home-build.

  • We conduct regular site visits, acting as your agent with your builder and contractors to help ensure that your budget and timeline are on track.

  • We help with space planning, including locations of electrical outlets, light fixtures, built-ins, etc.

  • We schedule any installations not coordinated by your builder. 

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  • We coordinate your movers, interior designers, and furniture deliveries.

  • We consult about home organizing based on a thorough family needs analysis.

  • We recommend and coordinate home services vendors: housekeepers, water treatment services, landscaping experts, pest control companies, security monitoring firms, etc.

  • We assist in the development of and maintain a homeowner punch list for your builder.

  • We follow up on closing permits with your contractors, making sure you're left with no loose ends. 

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